Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Benefits of Computer Service Contract

Today, Computers occupy a prime place in the infrastructure of any organization. Having out of service networks or computers can greatly hamper your firm's production and productivity. By signing up for an efficient computer service contract you can save money, time and boost the performance of your employees. Servers and computers also require periodic maintenance just like your vehicles. It is also essential to get your computer related problems solved in a prompt manner. While big companies can afford to have an IT support department in place to trouble shoot problems related to servers or computer networks, smaller firms may not be able to afford this. Such companies can hire the services of computer service companies that can offer able support. You can choose from diverse options such as those mentioned below while deciding on a computer service contract for your company. The first type of computer service contract is the non-comprehensive type of service wherein you can avail complete support for various hardware and software problems. This is one of the most affordable and popular service contract types that let users' avail warranty on their computers from its manufacturers. Under this type of contract, clients will have to pay for replacement of defective spare parts such as hardware components.

Users can choose the comprehensive service contract if they wish to have both their software and hardware components covered. The best advantage that comes with this type of contract is that customers need not have to pay for defective spares and parts as these would be replaced free of cost. However components namely hard drive media, consumables, picture tube etc may not be covered under this type of contract. Companies having a complicated process of approval and fixed budget can opt for this type of computer service contract. Companies that do not require support on site can choose remote support which is one of the most cost effective and efficient solution. Under this type of service, remote support tools such as show my computer or Team Viewer may be used to resolve IT related problems. Today, a number of companies offer AMC Service along with remote support in all major metropolitan areas. Companies having many computers or servers can choose resident engineer or full time IT support to resolve IT or computer related problems. You should undertake research in order to find the best computer service provider for you. You can look into the credential and training of the service provider before entering into a computer service contract with it. Once you know more about the company's background, you can try to find out more about the It and networking services they offer. Finally, you can enquire about their rates before finalizing formalities related to the contract agreement.


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